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The Israeli Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Ramat Gan and Vicinity

The Israeli Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Ramat-Gan and Vicinity was founded over 50 years ago. Ever since its establishment, the Society’s members and volunteers have cared for thousands of abandoned and neglected animals, providing for their medical care and daily welfare while striving to find them loving adoptive homes.

We are a no-kill animal rescue.  Animals of all ages, shape and form turn up at our shelter and, guided by this principle, we grant them new hope for a better life. We provide medical and behavioral rehabilitation to animals in need, through our cooperation with high-quality veterinary clinics and positive training specialists.

A small and highly professional team of employees and hundreds of dedicated volunteers enable us to carry out the various activities we run at our shelter.

In addition to the wide range of activities carried out within the shelter, we promote values of compassion, tolerance, and assistance for those in need. We highly emphasize community involvement, education and awareness activities, and assistance to the needy and less fortunate populations. 

We run several education and community programs led by a professional crew and volunteers.  They focus on promoting values of animal welfare, tolerance, compassion, and social responsibility at schools, youth centers and other community settings. In 2018/19 we led activities for a community of close to 3,000 children, youth and other in-need groups. (See next section for more information about our education and community programs).

We hold a Certificate of Orderly Management from the Associations Registrar, and a Public Institution status recognized by the Israeli Tax authorities. Donations are tax deductible according to section 46 of the Tax Ordinance. In addition we are proud to hold the Midot Seal of Effectiveness.

The Organization’s Vision & Goals

Our mission and goals are embodied in our four founding principles:

The Israeli Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Ramat Gan and Vicinity is a no- kill animal rescue

Our shelter accepts healthy animals as well as sickly animals, and often those that have endured abuse. We invest resources and effort in caring for all the animals’ needs - medical and behavioral - as one, until a permanent adoptive home is found. 

The Israeli Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Ramat Gan and Vicinity ensures genuine concern for animals and constantly works to improve their living conditions

The shelter’s managing staff works day and night to ensuring regular exercise, supplying high-quality food and providing comprehensive medical treatment. Dogs and cats are carefully matched with adoptive families, which receive constant guidance and assistance from the staff, including the assistance of a behavioral trainer when necessary.

The Israeli Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Ramat Gan and Vicinity is part of a community

Our shelter is located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s Nahalat Yitzchak Neighborhood, among residences and schools in a diverse community. Today, around 50 core volunteers are active in the organization, and assist rescue operations daily. About 500 additional volunteers assist with the on-going activities. Volunteers conduct educational activities in schools, child-care facilities and youth groups. Through these activities the organization promotes the values of tolerance and compassion, and provides a place for hundreds of volunteers with similar values to contribute their energies in a positive, productive way.



Education & Community Programs

We are committed to strengthening human-animal connections and relentlessly work to build constructive bridges through our variety of education and community programs.

1. “Someone to Live By”

This is a therapeutic and educational program, aimed to positively influence youth and adults suffering from cognitive, motor and behavioral difficulties.

Through a continuous, weekly, year-round get together with therapeutic dogs and dog handlers, we create a strong bond between the participants and dogs, encouraging them to acquire a sense of responsibility and competency; challenge themselves and most importantly, enhance their self-esteem, tolerance and verbal abilities.

Over 20 Groups of participants took part in this special program in 2018/19.


2. “Dog Talk”

A special, fun, awareness-raising program, taking place in dozens of schools and youth movements. The combination of dogs, volunteers, interesting new information, and creativity workshops offers participants a mind opening experience, and helps us raise awareness on key a topics including:

o   Encouraging, compassion and tolerance towards animals and humans

o   Importance and benefits of spaying & neutering

o   Adopting responsibly

About 2,500 students and youth participated in this program in 2018/19.


3. “Friends for life”

We believe the best way to influence people is by encouraging them to become a part of the animal’s life and daily/weekly treatment.

Our shelter is an open, inviting home for hundreds of volunteers each year, joined to aid the animals in any way needed.

“Friends for life” offers our community a chance to be a part of an important, diverse giving channel.

Among our volunteers are:

o   Private individuals and families

o   Volunteer groups – businesses, youth movements and schools

o   “Social Involvement” youth – from dozens of schools in central Israel  

o   “Sherut Leumi” (National Service) & scholarship student volunteers


Our Operation

The organization’s operation occurs at all times on two levels.

Core of work- The shelter is managed by Moran Cohen with the help of Yarden Pundak, a veterinary assistant and behavioral trainer, as well as many dedicated volunteers who provide assistance at any time. Along their side, veterinarians and behavioral trainers work together to provide response to any need an animal might have.

Simultaneously, the organization’s managing staff includes four board members, a volunteer coordinator and chief executive officer. These professionals promote the organization’s needs, including educational- community work, volunteer operations, mobilization of resources, financing and more.

Means of Donation and Support

The Israeli Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Ramat Gan and Vicinity is a not-for-profit organization that is fully supported by donations. Donations are first and foremost used to operate and maintain the shelter and improve the living conditions of the animals.

Additional support helps the organization develop educational projects and models and drives the community to be involved with the society’s work and the values it promotes.

You can
donate now via Israel Gives.com: the world's main website for donating to Israeli NGOs. With Israel Gives.com, your donation is safe and secure. All donations are US tax-deductible. The donation can be made either online (by credit card) or by check or bank transfer. If you donate online, you'll instantly receive by email a US tax-receipt for the full amount of your donation. If you mail in a check, you will receive a tax receipt within a few weeks after the check is received.



For more information about volunteers, please contact the organization’s Shelter:

050-7795477, email: office@spca.org.il


For more information about donations, please contact the organization’s CEO, Yuval Navon,  cell: 052-3338630, email: yuval@spca.org.il

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