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?thinking of adopting a pet

:you are welcome to meet our 4 legged residents

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The adoption process is taking place in the shelter on hafetz haim st 4 tel aviv and includes all the adult house residents. (kids are more than welcome, of course)

We are open for adoption 7 days a week and all are welcome to show up during our opening time with no need to inform us in advance

:Why us

Professional, committed staff who knows all the animals in the shelter well and  will be able to make the perfect matching for your way of living.

 All shelter animals are well treated, vaccinated and spayed/castrated.

They are all taking daily walks with our volunteers,  which allows us to get to know their behavior outside and makes it easier to train them, and get them used to human company.

 We will escort you along the entire way, through the adoption process and later on, recommending the right food, vets and trainers, consulting and making sure you and your new pet will enjoy your new amazing life together.


!!Open 7 days a week


We believe adopting a dog or a cat is the beginning of a new and amazing life together whichcomes with a big responsibility and a whole lot of joy.

Please, visit us and take your time to think it over, ask us anything and our staff would be more than willing to consult assist and listen in order for you to make the best decision for adopting.


Spca ramat gan, does not charge money for the animal, but we do have an adoption fee for the treatment  given to our shelter animals

Adoption fee includes: all yearly vaccines, spay/castration and the electronic cheap.

Dog adoption fee is 750 shekels

Cat adoption fee is 390 shekels.

For your comfort, You can pay with credit or cash

In addition you can purchase all the basic getting started equipment through us for your new friend with fare prices.


For additional info about the adoption process, please contact us:

  050-7795277 / 050-7795477





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