Donations - General information

SPCA Ramat Gan is a non-profit organization whose ongoing activities crucially depend on donations.

You can donate and save lives with ease, at a click of a button:

Our NPO is not backed by "hefty" donors, therefore every penny counts. We are in need of donations of any amount on an ongoing basis..

Important to know:

We do not kill animals!

 Donations made to SPCA Ramat Gan are prioritized first and foremost to maintain and operate the shelter and to improve the living and health conditions of the animals living there.

Additional support received by the organization enables us to develop educational models and projects, thereby bringing the community closer to the values ​​we maintain, and which we wish to apply on society as a whole.

SPCA Ramat Gan (RA 580053296) is legally run, has a certificate of correct management and recognition as a public institution for donations under section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance, as well as a certificate for measures of effectiveness (certificates can be sent upon request).

A receipt will be sent to all donors.

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